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Speed. However on another level—one in which many of us viscerally experience—the phrase is often (albeit not at all times) used to unleash an onslaught of negative sentiments. I hope you may think about Marie Leslie’s perspective of Priority Management-what you fill your days with and what you might be (maybe inadvertently?) prioritizing.

And within the meantime, I depart you with this conclusion: institutions may be doing so, so much extra to assist these wanting to use digitised content creatively. All bank accounts supply the safety of FDIC coverage. The personal development equivalent of taking surfing lessons is a mix of mindset and talent set refinement that enables you to adapt to change.

But I have to disagree with your assessment of push-again on the phrase tranny being “a motion by younger transsexuals to be accepted as heterosexual ladies.” Many of the folks I do know pushing back are trans dykes & different queer-identified trans people.

With out John Cochrane tossing out horrible ideas about fiscal stimulus and well being care, Brad and I’d waste our mental effort in byzantine disputes with other left-leaning econobloggers over stuff like Verdoorn’s Regulation. My experience prior to now was WP is easier to customize, which is one cause I left Blogger yrs ago.

And I am anxious that the message that we’re inadvertently conveying to the cis majority is do not ever use the T-word,” fairly than encouraging them to interrogate and challenge the quite a few detrimental meanings, assumptions, and stereotypes that folks generally attempt to convey via that word.